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Pure Audio Brings Catalog of Hi-Res and Immersive Audiophile Recordings to Streaming

The new service enables high-resolution immersive streaming of noteworthy audiophile recordings for discerning listeners.

Are premium, immersive streams just a dream?

Delivering a lossless immersive audio streaming service isn’t easy. Many companies have tiptoed around it, but can it really be done? If so, why haven’t we seen it yet in the market?

Making History: KORG, Artist Connection, and AURO-3D Livestream in Immersive Audio/HD Video​

Last week at Deluxe Hollywood studio in Los Angeles, viewers gathered at Stage 5 to witness a historic feat—a first-of-its-kind demonstration showing how a live concert can be streamed in real-time with uncompressed audio and full 1080p video resolution. The demo utilized a complete end-to-end streaming ecosystem using KORG, AURO, and Artist Connection streaming platform.

KORG, Artist Connection, and AURO-3D to Livestream Uncompressed Immersive Audio and 1080p High-Resolution Video From Japan’s Hall of Halls, Kiyosato Moeginomura Museum

The first-of-its-kind demonstration will show how a live concert can be streamed with uncompressed audio and full 1080p video resolution via a complete end-to-end streaming ecosystem that includes KORG, AURO-3D, and the Artist Connection streaming platform.

Jon Reichbach, Chief Executive Officer at Artist Connection shares insight into trends and best practices for the next-gen streaming media ecosystem.

What’s next for immersive audio streaming? Artist Connection founder and CEO, Jonathan Reichbach, provides great insight into next-gen streaming solutions in AV Technology Magazine.

High End Munich 2023 logo and dates

Artist Connection Demonstrates Uncompressed Immersive Audio Streaming Ecosystem Using Pure Audio Hi-Res Music Content During HIGH END Show

Artist Connection has partnered with msm-studios Pure Audio—audiophile hi-resolution multichannel content provider—to stream its significant library of 24bit/192kHz music uncompressed in its native PCM, immersive, or binaural format using the Artist Connection app for iOS, Android, or browser.


Legendary Venue Sweetwater Music Hall Chooses Artist Connection for Streaming Live and Historic Shows

Artist Connection, the premium, highest-quality streaming platform, announced today that the legendary Sweetwater Music Hall (SWMH) in Mill Valley, CA, has selected Artist Connection as its vendor of choice for streaming the venue’s live shows and archive of historic concerts.

CES 2023 banner.

At CES 2023, Artist Connection Streams AURO-3D® Over WiFi Creating a Complete Streaming Ecosystem for AURO-3D Hi-Res and Immersive Content

Artist Connection—the immersive audio streaming platform—announced today that for the first time ever, AURO-3D will be streamed via WiFi in a complete end-to-end AURO-3D immersive audio streaming ecosystem. This capability will be demonstrated at the Consumer Electronics Show, January 5–8, 2023, at the Las Vegas Convention Center at AURO-3D’s private demo suite in The Mirage Hotel. There, AURO-3D and Artist Connection will conduct a demo of AURO-3D streamed via WiFi to a soundbar and a 9.1-channel immersive audio speaker system.

Man listening cheerfully to music with headphones.

Artist Connection Secure Streaming Platform Enables Artists to Stream and Approve Their Content in Immersive Surround Sound, From Anywhere

Artist Connection high-performance streaming platform gives artists the ability to approve their content in the highest possible quality—including immersive surround sound—from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. For the first time ever, artists can experience their content in surround sound via a streaming platform that is completely secure, allowing them to approve their music without going into the studio or other dedicated space.

Band performs on stage, rock music concert.

Artist Connection Streaming Platform Enables Music Venues to Monetize Premium Live Streams That Marry Immersive Audio and High-Resolution Video for the Ultimate Audience Experience

Artist Connection gives music venues the ability to create premium streaming content that, for the first time ever, marries multichannel immersive audio and high-resolution video to deliver the ultimate experience for discerning fans. Additionally, the platform’s built-in e-commerce capabilities allow venues—from small clubs to concert halls to houses of worship and beyond—to turn a profit on streamed events and subscriptions.

Sound audio speaker with neon lights. Dynamic monitor close up. Creative backgroound

Artist Connection Gives Audio Manufacturers a Bespoke, Premium Streaming Platform to Demonstrate and Deliver Their Immersive and Hi-Res Streaming Content

Artist Connection gives audio manufacturers the unique capability of demonstrating and delivering their immersive and hi-res streaming content to customers in a format that, for the first time ever, marries multichannel immersive audio and high-resolution video. This allows audio manufacturers to send content to their audio devices that shows the audio with the best performance possible, ultimately captivating potential customers including home theater enthusiasts, mainstream consumers, discerning audiophiles, and avid music fans.

Artist Connection seminar at NAMM 2022

Streamsoft’s Artist Connection Streams Immersive Audio at NAMM 2022

Streamsoft Inc. announced today that their Artist Connection app and platform will be used to stream immersive audio at NAMM 2022 in Anaheim, CA, June 3rd-5th. Attendees can download the app using a QR code and immediately stream immersive audio mixes to headphones on a mobile device during an immersive audio seminar hosted by The Audio Engineering Society (AES), in collaboration with The NAMM Show.